Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Player Profile: Travis Konecny (2013 OHL Draft)

Travis Konecny
Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
Year of Birth: 1997

The most consistently physical of the top tier skilled forwards from Ontario. Konecny is also the most engaged, from shift to shift, of the upper echelon. While his penchant to hit in all three zones may not translate at the junior level due to the limitations of his frame, the rest of his skill set does. An asset in tight checking games, Konecny possesses very quick hands and feet which allow him to disarm opponents in a stealthy manner, contributing to his defensive strength - an underrated aspect of his profile. Konecny anticipates the flow of the game very well and combines his speed, advanced puck skills, and a quick release to create scoring opportunities. His acceleration is fluid and among the best in the age group and is clearly evident when Konecny deliberately comes to a complete halt while face to face with a defender, only to fake one way, and speed by in another direction with no chance of being caught. The ability to find a second gear and strong edge work makes Konecny even more dangerous through the neutral zone as his vision of the ice permits him to skate up the middle through traffic as well as around defenders down low. The skill and the grit, which is a large part of Konecny’s impact in the game, makes him a truly unique prospect for the 2013 OHL Priority Selection.
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