Thursday, 22 November 2012

Player Profile: Matt Spencer (2013 OHL Draft)

Matt Spencer
Oakville Rangers
6’2, 185 lbs
Year of Birth: 1997

Matt Spencer is a player who clearly stands out among the star-studded cast of the 97 Oakville Rangers. With added strength, Spencer should easily achieve pro-size for a defenceman. Puck rushing ability is impressive, especially for a player with his physical dimensions. In particular, the velocity with which Spencer can attack the offensive zone from his own blue line is eye-opening and often catches defencemen flat footed. Spencer plays a poised and physical game in his own end, managing and limiting opponents by taking away space and smothering them against the boards. Puck distribution and decision making from his own end is a work in progress, ranging from sharp to faulty, but Spencer usually advances the play with short range passes. One would have to give Matt Spencer consideration for being one of the best Ontario defencemen in the age grouping.
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