Thursday, 22 November 2012

Player Profile: Michael Davies (2013 OHL Draft)

Michael Davies
Southern Tier  Admirals
6’1, 195 lbs
Year of Birth: 1997

A player with game-breaking prowess, Davies plays his best hockey in up tempo affairs. While Davies can bring the puck to the net straight up centre ice using speed and puck skills, he is just as comfortable zig-zagging through the offensive zone, protecting the puck in the process. In shooting range, Davies can unleash a quick and heavy shot. A physical aspect to his game is largely apparent as Davies regularly engages in board play and will use his dense frame to throw impactful hits. Davies keeps his feet in constant motion and skates with a low centre of gravity, making attempts to strip him of the puck virtually futile. Davies would benefit from utilizing his teammates more often on rushes but he is still an offensive threat every time he approaches the offensive zone.
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