Saturday, 10 August 2013

Player Profile: Adam Mascherin (2014 OHL Draft)

Adam Mascherin

Vaughan Kings


5'9, 166 lbs

Year of birth: 1998

The offensive catalyst for the 1998 Toronto Jr. Canadiens, Adam Mascherin will bring a multi-faceted skill set to the Vaughan Kings. Mascherin possesses average start-up speed and his first step quickness will need work but he remains very dynamic on his skates due to a powerful stride and excellent edge work, and has the ability to rush the puck from his own end into the attacking zone up the middle of the rink. Much of Mascherin's offensive success stems from the ability to bypass checkers using edges and top flight speed through the neutral zone in order to create scoring chances from high percentage areas. In addition to fine edge work in full flight, a few other components are in play. Mascherin is of modest height but is very strong on his skates and uses that strength to drag the puck along with opposing players into the home plate area. Mascherin protects the puck well and that allows him to dynamically evaluate options in the offensive zone. Mascherin is particularly effective down low where he relies on his keen vision to create plays using precise passes, resulting in shots on net. Mascherin has a strong sense for offence, plays with a physical edge, and can finish efficiently both in close and from the top of the circle. Adam Mascherin will represent Ontario in the Allstate All-Canadians game.
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