Saturday, 10 August 2013

Player Profile: Jeremy Smith (2014 OHL Draft)

Jeremy Smith

Don Mill Flyers


5'10, 158 lbs

Year of birth: 1998

An adequate sized blueliner for the age group who should continue to grow, Jeremy Smith was the top defenceman on the 1998 Toronto Marlboros and made an impact on every shift. Smith plays a complete game in his own end bringing a physical element, puck possession skills, intelligence, and confidence to the table. His brand of physicality consists of both jarring hits and an aggressive presence along the boards and does not shy away from larger adversaries. Its not uncommon to see Smith acutely read plays to position himself at his own blueline, standing up forwards while neutralizing an attack. Incredibly poised with the puck on his blade, Smith not only remains calm under pressure, but thrives in those situations by catching opponents off guard by often drawing forecheckers and using their own momentum against them before advancing the puck. Smith has a powerful stride which allows him to access the puck first in the defensive zone and make safe recoveries. At the same time, Smith calmly and easily skates the well protected puck away from opponents and into the neutral zone using his agility. Smith appears very comfortable rushing the puck into the neutral zone or directing a mid-range pass to start an offensive attack but has the ability to sift through traffic to register a shot on net. Smith has a good shot from the point that finds the net and manoeuvres well in the offensive zone while holding on to the puck. Jeremy Smith will play for the Don Mills Flyers in the upcoming season and will represent Ontario in the Allstate All-Canadians game.
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